Starting This Blog

Feb. 21, 2018

As I change from Computer Engineering to Software Engineering, I start to take more Software Lifecycle classes. One of these is INSO4115: Software Requirements. Even though I was already thinking of creating a blog component to this website, the reason I completed it was for this class and the 5% that the blog counts for the final grade of said class. It was a needed motivation.

In the series of posts I will be writing (hopefully weekly), I will detail my understanding of topics covered by the Software Requirements class in my own perspective. This helps me make a sort of a summary for the class for when the exams are due. Also, I want to provide useful information that the current book for the class does not detail clearly. This is because the book is really arid. It's very formal, I even would say even "too" formal. While it's very useful and very detailed, reading it feels like a chore. You can end up reading 10 paragraphs of the topic, and still feel like you were before reading.

Hopefully with these blogs, I can help students get the concept quickly and help myself with making sure I understand the concepts.